Mackay Lifestyle Choices & the NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme)

The NDIS has significantly changed the way disability services are funded and delivered across Australia. This nationwide reform puts you at the centre of the decision making process about how you want to live your life, your choice of supports and who you would like to deliver your supports. It is designed to provide you with choice, control and independence.


Think of us for your self-directed funding as we provide one to one support as well as group activities. 
We focus on ability and can provide a person centred plan for your family member teaching life skills,
enhancing socialisation skills and independence.
Our staff are caring and supportive of the people they support and are eager to help guide that
individual to be more independent.
For more information please give us a call as our services are community-based and community-organised in ways that we can create and provide group activities, one-to-one support, and mentoring to all in these categories.


  • We are not simply a social network, instead we strive to assist people with a disability develop organisational and decision making skills as well as everyday living skills.
  • Through our activities and support, we offer appropriate and meaningful skills to advance opportunities through formal and informal learning activities.
  • We develop programs that encourage our members, young and old, male and female, to become more involved in the local community while also providing them with the appropriate information and resources to educate themselves and others on their rights and abilities.
Mackay Lifestyle Choices strives to reduce the isolation of people with disabilities and their families or guardians through each one of our strategically designed social and recreational activities and with our ground breaking structure; we dedicate ourselves to changing their lives in ways that can last a lifetime. Our focus is on Ability.
**To download and read NDIS Code Of Conduct, find out more or report a breach please head to this link:

NDIS Code of Conduct


For more information please give us a call as our services are

community-based and community-organised.

0413 811 324